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What do I need to do now?

Please follow these 4 steps:

  • STEP 1: Register/Purchase a Domain Name for your website
  • STEP 2: Tell your website requirements by filling this form. OR you can view and choose from the best website design offers that I am providing by clicking here and then filling the respective form at the bottom of offer detail page there saying "I am interested". That's it!.
  • STEP 3: Mapping of your domain-name with web-hosting-space by You/Me.
  • STEP 4: Website designed, developed and deployed on the web hosting space. Now you can review your Organized and Secured website as your site is up and running now.

A coupl of things you need to know

  • A Domain Name is your Website name that you will type in the browser URL bar to access your website files.
  • Internet is a Group of Computers connected together worldwide.
  • All the computers in the network/internet can talk to each other.
  • All the computers must have a unique name on the internet to identify themselves.
  • Each computer name is represented with numbers separated with “.” called as IP address. This is how an IP address looks like
  • It is easy to recognize or identify a unique computer with its IP address. Once you know the IP address you know how to access files on that server.
  • In Internet all computers are connected, and they have a unique IP address to identify them.
  • What is Domain Name again? Actually giving a simple to remember English name to that IP address is nothing but Domain name.
  • So, instead of remembering we now only have to remember its name http://mywebsitename.com/
  • Domain Name is name that is mapped to that IP address where your website files are available. So, when you want someone to access those files you give them your Domain Name.
  • Domain Name is the simple name that is mapped to your server IP address where you have stored your website files.
  • From Where you can Purchase the Domain name?
  • goDaddy
  • Namecheap
  • BigRock
  • Here by me
  • Quick Read:
  • Domain name is just a simple English name that you purchase so that it is easy to access your files with that name.
  • After you purchase a Domain Name, you need to map it to your server.
  • You won’t get server space to store your files when you purchase a Domain name.
  • Once you purchase Domain name then no one else can purchase it again. It is unique.

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