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Mobile Application Developement - How I Do It

Generally, the mobile and tablet app development process is a 3 step simple and straight forward proecss. You assess, you build and you deploy. But there are a lot of things that need to be done in between these steps.


There are some best practices while developing a mobile (and tablet) apps which I follow rigorously and according to my client's needs and preferences. These are as follows:


  1. Know about the business logic and focus on the related market: : Know about the business logic and focus on the related market and plan a solution so that your client's customers find the app useful. A good looking and user friendly app which has many goodies like blinking lights and pretty pictures and the beautiful design of the app matters but the functionality of the App matters the most.
  2. Know and understand the Audience/Users of your App: : It is essential to know the target audience/users of your app. Whom are you building the app for? Things like how will they use this app, what is there education level what technical knowledge they possess about computers and internet and is there a particular feature that might garner more appeal than the others? Also, what kind of devices they are using and the region off-course. It is important to know all these points plus many others based on the type of the app to be developed. It should be a User-Focused Conception.
  3. App Design and Navigation:: After functionality, design and a smooth navigation are the most important aspect of any App as far as the design and development of the app is concerned. A good looking, user friendly and good navigational app is essential to the success of the whole effort.
  4. OS / Device-Platform:: Today there is no doubt about it that Android platform and iOS platform remain the most popular operating systems for mobile devices. Mobile App Designers and Developers have to take the platform into consideration before proceeding with creating an mobile app. The Application Programming Interface (APIs), Software Development Kits(SDKs) and other plugins/tools should play a very important role in the final decision.
  5. User Data Security and the Security of the app: Your app might contain some sensitive information or information which is private to the app owner and users. The information should be kept secure in both the cases and that is why I keep the security as the top most priority factor while developing an app. Thinking of the security from the beginning means knowing what kind of input I will be dealing with, understanding the network components and communication mechanism so I can secure the data in transit.
  6. Network and No Network Functionality:: Depending on the mobile app’s features and functionalities it is important to decide on 'if the internet/network isn’t available' what should be done. If the data is stored locally then the app can still function for a while so that by the time internet/network is back the device is running well.

  7. BUILD

  8. Build it with relavent Framework, APIs, SDKs and other tools: Once the business logic, platform and the type of users are understood, and the design's been freezed as per the client preferences then it is time to move on to the development part. In development part, I start developing the app with the relavent Framework, APIs, SDKs and other third party tools as per the needs of the App in question. Performance matters the most so the app must be fast in operation and performance.
  9. Rigorous Testing: There are different critical and simple ways to test a mobile app for its optimal performance upon release. These include testing across diverse devices, for different network connectivity options, such as on Wi-Fi or mobile networks, and for performance, security and compliance factors. Since users place high value on the functionality of the app and are quick to uninstall it in case of errors, considerable importance has to be given to the testing stage of development.
  10. No, users are not beta testers: It is unfortunate that users have become accustomed to work as the beta tester for all the apps. I do not want the users to test the apps that I make, instead, I prefer to do all kinds of testing before getting the app in the market. I test functionality, I test performance, I test security, and I test everything else that you can think of before getting the app in the market.

  11. DEPLOY

  12. Release the App: Once it is developed and tested, it is released on different platforms depending on the client's specifications/needs. Google Play Store, Apple and on any other platform.
  13. Post production Updates for Improvements: : Based on client's specifications and the feedback from users & analytics tools, a mobile app may require some revisions after release. The update stage is important to fix bugs as well as make improvements in the different parts of the app. Every platform (Google Play Store etc.) have a checklist for publishing an update to an app; the 'Platform App Store' requires approval of the new binary before release.


    In summation, the factors mentioned above can make a huge difference between making a successful mobile app and its rejection by users. To ensure these factors are taken into consideration in the development of a mobile app, businesses can turn to a specialist with expertise in the their business ralated domain/area.

    Mobile application development involves strategic thinking. Keeping these best practices in mind will help you build a highly functional mobile app without much hassle. Building a successful app isn’t very easy but isn't very hard either. I follow the best practices of mobile app development to make sure that the apps I develop are easy to use and function right to the top of expectation graph of end users and our client. Contact Me to know more about our development process and how I can help you with your business.

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