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Website Cost

A website basically not a single entity. It consists of many parts/sections. And therefore the cost depends on these parts/sections cost. While the cost of a site will shift contingent upon your individual/business needs, here is a breakdown of the general expenses as follows:
1. A domain name,
2. Website files - designed/developed by developer,
3. Website hosting server space,
4. Database - designed/developed by developer (required for dynamic websites only).
5. Database - hosting server space.
6. Email server hosting space (if required).

How Much Does a Domain Name Cost?

The main thing you will require is a name for your website. Your domain/website name is the name (e.,g. that individuals will type in to discover your site. Depending on TLD (.com, .net,, .biz, etc. etc.), domain name registration cost varies. A '.com' TLD domain name may cost you around Rs.850/- or so. Other Top Level Domains: Estimated cost of many of the top level domain names like .com, .net,, .biz can go upto Rs. 1500/- or may be slightly higher. The more up to date domain names .me, .photography, and .pro may have a higher or lower registration cost than conventional top level domain names like '.com' domains. Also, most will have a comparative or higher annual renewal cost.

How much does web designing and development cost?

PHP web development is low cost as compared to or Java development. But and Java are more secure than PHP. So, it depends on what platefarm you choose for development of your website.

PHP web development per page may cost you around Rs.1700/- or so while same in ASP.NET may cost you around Rs.3000/- per page. A website has numerous web pages and so the costs go higher for custom web development.
An alternate cost effective solution is using pre-built (open source) CMS websites. It reduces the development costs dramatically. You can get a CMS based website up and running in as low as Rs.5900/- with unlimited number of dynamic web pages. Only drawback to this CMS approach is that you have limited options and the module development costs later on are higher.

How much does Website hosting server space cost?

It depends on the server platefarm. On Apache (php - Linux servers) it may cost you Rs.600 per annum and on IIS ASP - Windows servers) it may cost you around Rs.900 per annum. In my opinion ASP.NET+Windows servers are more secure.
An important thing to remember is that Windows server are capable of running PHP while vice versa is not possible (very difficult to achieve actually and costly too). That is why I personally prefer Windows servers.

How much does Database structure designing and development cost?

PHP normally uses MySql databases and ASP.Net uses MS-SQL Server Database. MySql development costs lower than MS-SQLServer database but MS-SQLServer is more secure but the development time and thus cost is lower on MySql databases. The database development cost depends on the size and complexity of the database.
Just to give you a ballpark figure, the development of an eCommerce website database in MySql may cost you around Rs.3000/- while the same in MS-SQLServer will cost you around Rs.5000/-
CMS databases are pre-built so there is no development cost for CMS databases but yes configuring them may cost you a little bit.

How much does Database hosting server space cost?

MySql databases may cost you around Rs.900 per annum while MS-SQLServer may cost you around Rs.1200 or more per annum for an eCommerce website database. This is just to give you an idea. Just a ballpark figure. The database hosting cost depends on the size, functionality and web-services of the database.

How much does Email server hosting space cost?

It generally ranges from Rs.400 to Rs. 2000 per email address per annum. Cost basically depends on data size and add-on functionalities.

Conclusion: How Much Does a Website Cost?

As you can see now clearly that it depends on your individual requirements. You can start your static website from as low as Rs.3850/- and go upto infinity as far as the cost in concerned. To have a very good idea about real life website costing and low cost website development offers and packages, please click here.
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